Faculty in Residence Program

Exciting new program announced by CSU’s Residence Life: Faculty in Residence. Spread the word, including to incoming new hires. Here are some excerpts from the site’s FAQ:

What are the goals of the Faculty in Residence program?

1. Create a more seamless experience for students

2. Increase the level of informal faculty/student interaction

3. Enhance learning and development within the residential environment

4. Allow for a greater personalization of the residential environment

Who is eligible for the Faculty in Residence position?

Any full time faculty member at CSU may apply for the faculty in residence position. The ideal faculty in residence candidate will have a high level of enthusiasm and a strong commitment to student success and will be able to demonstrate the following:

1. History of involvement and interaction with students outside of the classroom setting

2. Keen understanding of common academic and development challenges that college students face

3. Willingness to make sacrifices necessary to live within the residential environment in exchange for the unique opportunity to  make a positive contribution to the residential environment

4. Course load includes at least one lower level course with predominantly first year students (Broadway Crossing Residence Hall) or a course taken by first year Honors Students (Rankin Residence Hall)


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