Who will lead America into a bright future?

That’s the opening hook to the new report issued by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. David Brooks has devoted his New York Times column today to the subject, and notes the dramatic drop in students majoring in the humanities since the 1960’s.

I think the AAAS report is really worth a look; the Executive Summary lists 3 major goals and 13 recommendations for institutions to consider. How well would you say CSU is doing in supporting any of these goals?


Creating hospitality

Yesterday, at our Heart of Higher Education reading group discussion, we talked about the notion of creating hospitality in the classroom. The book argues that a welcoming atmosphere is necessary to support rigor in our approach to student learning. Several group members made great points about how much it matters to students when we learn their names, and how even the style of a lecture can affect a classroom’s sense of hospitality.

But how can we create hospitality online? Here’s a nice post from Faculty Focus that treats this issue:

Eight Roles of an Effective Online Teacher

I think these roles apply just as nicely to the traditional classroom. . .  aren’t we often similar in style online and in the regular classroom?