Fresh ideas for annual review/PDP goals

As we head into Annual Review writing season, how about some ideas for setting new teaching goals? I’m going to start a list, and I hope others will add to it in Comments:

  • Partner with a colleague to create a new First Year or International Learning Community
  • Conduct a new textbook search, including open-access materials, for a frequently taught class
  • Invite a colleague to conduct a mid-term instructional diagnosis (evaluation) with one of my classes
  • Study my student evaluations over a multi-year period and make an action plan to respond to suggestions
  • Plan to attend five faculty development events (workshops, forums, webinars) on topics of special interest
  • Apply for a Faculty Writing Fellowship
  • Apply for an Interdisciplinary Initiatives Grant
  • Apply for a Faculty Center Fellowship
  • Reflect on my toughest teaching challenge and conceive a SoTL research project/experiment to address it
  • Implement Team Based Learning
  • Restructure an existing traditional or fully online class as a hybrid
  • Apply for a summer study abroad program, either through CSU or USG programs
  • “Flip” just one assignment/section of the course
  • Consider how I might allow students to exercise some choice/control in their learning experience

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