Happy Belated International Women’s Day

Some of us were lucky enough to spend March 8  with CSU’s study abroad program in Florence, Italy, where cool things were taking place like an open work session to extend unfinished entries on women artists in Wikipedia.

But there are other ways to mark the occasion, even a couple of weeks late. Check out this nifty list of publications on gender-related topics from Wiley Press journals: Free Access to New Research on Gender in Social Sciences and Humanities.


How many faculty does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer: Change?

Here’s a post from Tomorrow’s Professor written by a former provost to explain what he learned about the challenges of decision-making and taking action in university culture.

In general I believe that faculty members really don’t want to make the decisions. They want to talk about them, they want to debate, to bark. Which side they’re on isn’t as important as having at least two sides. I came to realize this in an accidental way.

Read the whole post here: Faculty Bark; The Provost Bites